Current Projects

Indigo Azul (“Blue Indigo”)

The Indigo Azul Project is a demonstration Food Forest and learning center for youth currently  being constructed in Jalisco MX. We have 1.5 acres of tropical growing space and  room to accommodate small groups of local students and volunteers.  Our focus here is to teach youth about  simple technologies and sustainable methods to grow nutritious foods for themselves,their families and their community. At our food forest project we will  host 100% free programs that  focus on  youth development skills ,food production,environmental awareness  and soil restoration. All of our efforts are in alignment with at least 1 or more of the United Nations 17 sustainable goals.

Indigo Azul Project Mission

This project is dedicated to the 15-30 children in the Paso De Guayabo neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, MX. Our long term goal is to create a permanent learning center and Food Forest that will serve the youth and people of this community for future generations. With your help and support we can make this the blueprint for future projects and a working model for ongoing research and education on food security.