About Us

“Planting For The Future”



We are a small  group of volunteers that help empower   youth who want to grow their own  food  in urban or  rural areas. Our desire is to create projects and food production systems that  will feed and inspire the new generation of urban farmers.


We teach fun and engaging methods of agriculture to youth who are interested in growing their own food.  Youth in our programs are provided all the necessary resources,culturally relevant seeds, and ongoing support to grow food for themselves, families and communities.  Instead of trying to feed the world we choose to help people to feed themselves. We are working  to make modern agriculture something fun,productive and simple enough for anyone to do.  You can explore some of the methods we use  here ( Jadam Agriculture , Biochar, Green Manure, Fogponics, Kratky and aquaponics.

With your help we can continue our mission  to provide food security, environmental awareness,inspiration  and resources  to those in need.


According to the World Food Program, over 828 million people go to bed hungry every night, A total of 50 million people in 45 countries are teetering on the edge of famine.

For many people all over the world simple access to low cost sustainable farming methods and  nutritious produce can change everything.
Our mission is providing that access.


Over 7 Million people in Mexico live in extreme food poverty. 25% of the population is without access to healthy food. A staggering 52% are without access to clean drinking water. Lack of these basic essentials leads to a spiral effect of malnutrition, dental problems, dehydration and disease.Mexican President Enrique Pe√Īa Nieto initiated La Cruzada Nacional Contra el Hambre”, a nationwide program designed to address the problem of food insecurity. We work closely with local programs to help support and further this initiative. Our¬† youth volunteers are currently collaborating with The Indigo Azul Project in Jalisco, MX,¬† to build a sustainable food forest and art garden ran by youth in the small Community of Paso De Guayabo MX.

United States



On the contrast, In 2021, 33.8 million Americans, including 9.3 million children, lived in food-insecure households according to the USDA. Combine this  with a widespread lack of proper education about diet and nutrition, and we now see many children in minority communities and low income families suffering  the health effects of poor food choices.High blood pressure,obesity,diabetes and other diet related issues are much more common than they should be. We engage the  youth in our United States programs with fun and educational ways to eat healthy,participate in urban garden projects, and learn about how and where their food really comes from.





Although food problems and solutions may differ depending on culture, community and geographic location,¬† they all deserve a committed response. We are now living in a time with the technologies and the capacity to make food security a reality for every human being . If we take action now, and act responsibly, we have a chance to be part of the generation that will can turn things around for the generations to come. If we as a society refuse to act, it simply shows that we don’t care. At NWKIDS we consider this both our privilege and our responsibility . We welcome you to join us in our efforts. Your time,caring and generosity¬† help allow us to continue our work. We thank you.

                  WHY SOIL ?

 To put it simply soil is the basis of all human life and existence here on earth. The food that sustains our very lives is directly connected to the health of our agricultural lands. Part of our commitment is to advocate and bring awareness to this global issue. Without intervention, we are now on a irresponsible and dangerous path to completely depleting the very soils that feed our planet within as little as 60 years. This is an issue that should unite us and not divide us. With more people becoming aware and bringing attention to this issue, we can find ways to create  sustainable policies in every nation to protect this precious resource.