Project-19 Mask


March 26th 2020 -Currently Active

Thank you for supporting Project -19

How we stay safe and our rules:

All mask are factory sealed and sanatized.We also run UV lights over all products before packing.  All of our Delivery agents are well trained for safety and are wearing mask and gloves at all times when delivering or  handling  your products. They are also wiped down carefully with alcohol before delivery as an added precaution. Mask will be delivered to your zone once a day. Cut off time for next day delivery is 5pm. If we recieve your order after 5pm no problem but we will deliver on the day after the next.

Our Local Community

We have 6 deliverly zones and we will also have a place where people can come park at a certain time and one of our NW kids will come to your car and deliver your order. Please remain in your vehicle during this process.


"Limited Availability"
Families only please


"Limited Availability"
Families only please

hand sanatizer

Sorry we are sold out but currently Restocking.

All of our mask adult and child sizes have N95 particle filters that filter out particles that our 0.3 micrometers in size.

As of April the CDC has advised every person in the USA to wear face mask in public settings.Mask are designed to greatly REDUCE the risk of inhaling harmful particles and preventing the potential spread of disease from infected citizens who may be unaware they are infected. However this is not an 100% solution. Proper hygeine, social distancing ,refraining from touching your face and common sense should be used as well to reduce the chance of transmission or contraction. Please refer to the CDC website for more info on Covid-19  and best safety practices (link

Please fill out the order form on this page. Someone from NW kids will contact you to confirm delivery time

Unfortuanetly for sanitary and other obvious reasons all sales are final. We are confident you will be happy with your mask but if it breaks or has any problems in the first 10 days we will exchange it for you at no cost.

We are a community focused group. We chosee not to wholesale because we have seen recent scenarios of people charging exorborant amounts of money for mask of low quality,that are non reusable. We fund our own projectsand our mask are for people in the community and thier kids. All of our profits go back into keeping the project alive.

We deliver in diffrent zones each day. Usually we can get your mask to you the next day if we recieve your order by 5pm local time. We also have a few “local hot spots“ where you can drive to and pick up your mask. Details are above

Please send us an email at We will be happy to answer any questions

Out of state customers

If you are not in Washington state please fill out our OUT OF STATE ORDER form NOT our local order form. We use USPS to ship anywhere in the USA. Shipping will be paid by buyer. Unfortuanately we can’t control those fees but we will give you the lowest shipping options possible