Our Projects

Culture Exchange Project

Status: Proof Of Concept

(Coming 2021)

We believe that by changing the perspective of the inner city youth we can inspire them to begin their own personal journey for greatness and change. For most urban youth even the idea of a international trip is something they always feel they will never have in real life. They watch movies,talk to thier friends and may even know people that travel. But they feel left out or that its not possible for them. We believe that some things are better experienced than talked about. Our concept for this program is based around that belief.

The international cultural exchange project will be the first of its kind in Washington State. We will take 3 inner city youth from Seattle and fly them to Cartegena,Columbia. There they will meet 3 other youth from our Cartegena program. The Columbian students will host the American students and teach them about everyday life, culture ,food language,art and much more. After the Seattle group returns home, one week later the same 3 students from Cartagena will be flown to Seattle to reunite with the Seattle students who will return the favor by showing them the sites, sounds,foods and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Each trip will be a 5 day experience fully funded by NW KIDS

This project is in its early stages and expected to launch Spring 2021.

We are looking for bilingual (Spanish/English) volunteers. If interested please leave us a message

Project -19

Status: Active with limited delivery zones
Project-19 is NW KIDS current response to the Covid-19 Epidemic. It is a self funded community project that allows us to immediately donate a predetermined amount of reusable face mask to senior citizens. We are then able to provide the rest at an affordable cost to the community . The mask we have sourced are reusable,washable and can last up to 3 months before needing to change the filter. The cost of raw goods, health products,and anything that involves shipping right now is astronomical due to Covid-19. We will work to keep the project going as long as we can. Unfortunately cost in this unstable economy may increase. If this happens we will have to shut the project down rather than increase prices. We always like your feedback,and positive suggestions are welcome. We thank you for your support and encourage everyone to be safe. For more info on this project leave us a message. If you or your loved ones are in need of mask please refer to our Project-19 page. If you would like to volunteer please email us at

Watch Me Speak A Language Game!

Status: Active with 3 students

Program will max at 5 students. As of the Covid-19 epidemic we had to cut our program short this year. We will continue the program as normal as soon as safely possible. We are always seeking motivated learners age 16-21. Please email if interested for more details.

Concept: The concept for this program was built out of the idea that learning a foreign language can unlock confidence in the young learner and help build some key habits that are essential in life. We also feel it opens several doors to shatter hate, ignorance and cultural stereotypes.

Program Overview

5 random youth 16-21 who are motivated to learn will be chosen to enter the program. Each will be able to choose an online tutor that is a native speaker and given the learning materials and skills to learn on their own. Students will be responsible for their own progress but we have methods in place as to speed the process and have fun along the way. Bonus Quizs for random gifts are spontaneously given during the challenge.

A private tutor will also be available to answer questions and practice speaking.

At the end of 30 days students will be tested on their progress.
By this time the student should have worked through the first set of materials.

Teachers will check the progress. If the student has the teachers approval they earn $250 and can quit with the small knowledge of the language and keep the money or choose move on to the next round.

If the student wants to move on to the next round he/she must bet on themselves. They must put half of their winnings up to enter the next round with the chance to win $500 plus their investment in themselves for a total of $750 back in thier pockets. They may enter the next round for $250 and the game proceeds in this fashion for 4 rounds. At the end of the 4th round if the learner has passed the course requirements they will win a all expense trip to the country that they choose the language of to interact with the people and use the language and a $1500 cash bonus.

Students must choose a language that is not already their second language if they speak a foreign language already.