About Us

Who are we?

The North West Kids started as a group of regular kids with with a
desire to turn a little bit of good into a abundance of greatness.We
always did what we could with what we had as individuals but realized
how much faster things would happen when we put our resources and
talents together.
We are still the same group of kids, but now our business ideas are
inspired by the drive to be social entrepreneurs.

Where are we

We are all over Western Washington.

We are your forgotton youth, the ones who were affected when goverments cut funds for youth programs and life skills. We are the ones who instead of living up to the sterotype decided to build our own programs. We are the ones striving to be the change that we want to see in the world. We are your dreamers, your thinkers, your poets,your artist and your servants for change. Most importantly we understand that we are ¹ the youth that have grown up to become the future.

Our goal is to bring all of our connections and resources together under this site and turn it into a go to place for youth positivity. Every business we create and support will have a built in social cause. We want to recreate a culture of young minds that thirst for the type of knowledge and education that they can apply immediately to their lives and see change. Our goal is to spark a wave of young social entrepreneurs and set a new standard to be proud of for our next generation.

The plan for this site is to build a virtual online “Think Tank”. A space designed for inner city youth to share ideas, resources, talents, seek advice and be around positive energy from other artist,creators athletes, aspiring young business women and men, students and whoever may share the same desire to do something great. Please follow us.